A £50 Amazon Gift-Voucher for Wilma to celebrate #GladtoCare awareness week

It's been fantastic celebrating #GladtoCare awareness week and we've loved receiving nominations to highlight the incredible work of individual carers who have gone above and beyond in their jobs roles.

As we come to an end we reward Wilma Duthie, a Team Leader from Rubislaw Park Care Home with a £50 Amazon gift voucher as our second winner. The Deputy Manager said:

"Wilma is a very calm and carrying person with all qualities required to be a Team Leader. Throughout her work, Wilma promotes her PRIDE ethos of work, which means: Pride, Responsibility, Independence, Determination, Excellence".

The Pollard's Promises team were overwhelmed by Wilma's story. Wilma decided to take up a job in a care home after her mum and auntie were both diagnosed with dementia. She applied for a job in Kingsmead, out at Kingswells, who had residents with dementia and learning disabilities. She started out as a carer on night shift and worked her way to team leader after passing her SVQ2 and SVQ3 and completing a 12-week medication course. She then applied for a job at Rubislaw Park Care Home as a Team leader on Day Shift where she has been ever since. At Rubislaw she has completed two units of her SVQ4 and completed evolve training, mandatory training and medication training. She is very happy in her job at Rubislaw!

The Deputy Manager continues:

"As a team leader, Wilma inspires her staff constantly and implements vision as follows: 'Leadership is not about being the best, leadership is about making everyone else better'. She is a great asset to our team and her dedication is greatly appreciated."

Congratulations Wilma and thank you to her team for the nomination.

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Making dreams come true in the care sector

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