Terms & Conditions

The below is relevant to experience days awarded to care recipients.

Upon acceptance of a prize from Quality Care Group:

The client (care business) agrees to:

·        Transport the nominee to the location where the event is to take place on the agreed date.

·        Supply any care support that is required by the nominee to ensure they can participate in the agreed event.

·        Complete all reasonable health and fitness checks before the nominee participates in the event.

·        Carry out all risk assessments and have the appropriate insurance covers in place before the event takes place.

Quality Care Group will:

·        Schedule, organise and fund the event on the agreed date.

Quality Care Group is not responsible for:

·        Any additional costs incurred by the client in the participation of the event by the resident, service user or employee.

·        Transport to and from the location of the event.

·        The supply or cost of any care staff required to attend the event with the resident or service user.

·        Any costs incurred with the withdrawal from the event where recovery of cancellation fees is not indemnified under insurance.