Why Pollard’s Promises Started

Pollard’s Promises was set up as a way for its founder, Darren Pollard and his team at Quality Care Group (QCG), to show their appreciation for everyone involved in care.

Care lies at the heart of how QCG itself operates, so the synergies between the two bodies was clear from the outset.

That's why since 2018, Pollard's Promises, with the support of QCG, has been creating happy memories and generating smiles by fulfilling bucket list dreams and gifting treats to caregivers and care recipients.

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Meet the promises team

Darren Pollard


Pollard's Promises was borne out of a desire to give something back to the Care Sector, in which I have been involved in for several years and feel passionate about. Over the years, and fuelled largely by the impact of the recent pandemic, this desire to help and give recognition has evolved into a wider appreciation for those of all ages and backgrounds who deliver care and those being cared for.

Lorrie Maslen

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager I can fully understand the myriad of processes and steps that are required to run a successful Care business. It is wonderful then for QCG to be able to lift those restrictions for a day, a moment where both employees, residents and service users can let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

Lauren Early

Head of Promises

I feel privileged to have seen both personally and via Pollard's Promises, the difference that a day out, a visit or an afternoon tea can make to the residents or service users in the Care sector. It is a rewarding and uplifting part of my job to give something special back and make that someone special smile.


Brand Ambassador

I was born in 2019 and I am the face of Pollard's Promises. I support all the Promises that are delivered, which means that I get to meet lots of lovely people, experience different days out, and see people enjoying their special treats.


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