A Clothing Voucher for Claire

Claire Pfister, a Senior Support Worker from Nobilis was recently nominated for a Pollard's Promise and we are pleased to say that Claire received a £50 clothing voucher.

The team at Nobilis was not familiar with Pollard's Promises and they were truly surprised to come across a wonderful opportunity to recognise staff and their efforts to win a reward. Kate Townsend, Registered Branch Manager at Nobilis, nominated staff members who have gone the extra mile, and in particular, gone above and beyond all expectations through the pandemic. Lauren Early, Head of Promises, contacted Kate to give her the good news that Claire had been selected for a voucher to recognise her good work.

Kate said: "Claire has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic; she has taken no holiday in this challenging time. Claire goes above and beyond to ensure that client’s needs are met. She is a valued member of staff and never has there been any doubt about her dedication or committment to her clients."

Claire is a single mum, who looks after not only her children but also her father who does not keep the best of health. Claire has her own challenging health issues but this does not reflect in her workload or ability to stop her going the extra mile. One example is her voluntary cooking for an elderly man with no family, to whom she delivers the food and spends time him, for no reward. The team at Pollard's Promises all agreed that Claire deserves some special recognition.

Kate goes on to say: "When I informed Claire that she has been nominated and successful she was so pleased as she has never won an award before. Thank you to you all for this wonderful idea and for making this possible for us to recognise our staff."

Congratulations Claire, we hope you enjoy your shopping trip to spend your £50 voucher.

If you would like to nominate a Care Recipient, Care Employee or Care Team, please visit our website and make your nomination here: https://www.pollardspromises.co.uk/nominate

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Making dreams come true in the care sector

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