A fabulous Hamper for Joan

Please join us in congratulating Joan – Live in Care Expert for Bluebird Care Mid Essex based in Chelmsford Essex. Joan was recently awarded an amazing thank you for the positive impact and life changing difference she has made from the charity Pollards Promises.

Joan has been a valuable Live in Care Expert for Bluebird Care for the last three years, she cares for a  customer who has both Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia within her own home.  Joan started her role at a time when the customer had just lost her husband.  which caused the customer both high levels of stress and anxiety. However, one step at a time Joan worked with her, gained her confidence, and gave her a better quality of life thanks to all of her ongoing hard work, commitment, and patience.

The customer had lost all of her confidence, so much so that she wouldn’t go out of her front door. So, one step at a time Joan started to work on this, giving her activities and keeping her busy. This increased from going in the garden and doing activities which gradually built her confidence. Nowadays our customer is a different person enjoying life to the full. They go out shopping together and regularly eat out at restaurants. Joans hard work has benefitted the family, they can now all go out and have family meals and days out together. They also go to the park and sit on a bench with lunch when the weather is nice, sparking positive memories about her career, and having lunch in the same place as with her colleagues in her younger years. The difference and quality of her life has improved immensely, which is all thanks to Joans hard work and commitment.  

Joan has been with Bluebird Care for three years.  Her experience, empathy, and instinctive way in caring for her customers with Dementia is outstanding and the positive impact on their lives is noticed by all. – Maryann – Live in Care Manager

Pollards Promises are an amazing charity who awards both Carers who goes above and beyond.

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Making dreams come true in the care sector

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