A Gift Voucher For Young Carer, Kibar from In Home Care

Young carer Kibar from In-Home Care (Fareham) recently received a nomination from Manager Sara Sanders for her hard work and caring nature in the Care industry. Kibar started working with the team when the pandemic struck and for someone of Kibar's age to jump in feet first, having no prior knowledge of the Care industry, shows her tenacity and caring nature.

The team at Pollard's Promises thought it refreshing to hear about a young lady who hasn't got any experience in what is known as a challenging industry. Stepping up in the middle of a pandemic is a scary task and one that Kibar has taken in her stride.

Manager Sara Sanders said:

Kibar has taken the knowledge and training that is constantly offered and expanded her field of expertise. She is a bubbly carer, and all of our clients love seeing her. She has a very calm nature and doesn't let new or complex situations phase her.

After speaking with Sara, we learnt that Kibar is never afraid to ask for assistance or training; she listens to instructions and follows them. In-Home Care is committed to giving its clients bespoke care and Kibar embraces this at all times.

Sara said:

She is a positive character within our company. We are ecstatic that she chose to become part of our growing family of carers and clients and will continue to grow with us to fulfil her professional goals within care.

Congratulations Kibar, we hope you enjoy your shopping spree and spoil yourself with the Love to Shop vouchers.

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Making dreams come true in the care sector

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