A personalised knitting kit for Edna

Congratulations to Edna Jones, a resident at Ridgway Court residential care home in Farnham. A keen knitter for many years, 87 year old Edna has been busy with her knitting needles, creating, she believes, somewhere close to 500 teddy bears which over the years she has donated to local hospitals, local children in lockdown, fellow residents and families of the home's care staff. 

In fact Edna is so well practised in knitting the teddies that she no longer needs a pattern and could probably make them in her sleep! 

Pollard's Promises wanted to recognise Edna's wonderful act of kindness by giving her a little gift back, so they organised a personalised knitting bag and needle holder, a Pollard the Bear teddy (unknitted!) and some of her favourite sweets to enjoy as creates more bears!

Surprised to receive the package from Pollard's promises, Edna said "When the girls brought the parcel into me and I opened it, I just couldn’t believe it. I can’t believe so much has come from me just knitting teddies. It was so lovely and so thoughtful. I was lost for words."
Lauren Early, Head of Promises said “When my team bought Edna’s story to my attention, I knew instantly that she was a worthy recipient of a Pollard's Promise. I think Edna is a great example of someone who, despite her own struggles, has always been keen to brighten the lives of those around her, and this embodies everything we’re trying to do in giving back. She is totally deserving of this gift and I hope it brings her as much joy as she has bought to those around her.” 
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Making dreams come true in the care sector

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Making dreams come true in the care sector

If one of your residents or service users deserves a treat, maybe has a special birthday approaching or simply has a wish they want to fulfil, then we want to hear from you.

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