Chelsea F.C. Goodies for Football Fan Lennox

We received a recent nomination for a care recipient called Lennox from a Hollygate Lodge in Ireland. Nominated by the registered manager at Hollygate, Lennox has been a resident of this care home for many years and has been supporting the staff and other residents since he took up residency. Collecting prescriptions for others, lending a hand to kitchen staff by helping with dishes, cleaning, and setting up tables, are just a few examples of how Lennoxhelps others.

Why we love this nomination

“Pollard’s Promises is about recognising the efforts of caregivers as well as offering a ‘pick me up’ for those who need to receive care in a formal setting or at home. Lennox’s nomination is so special as he ticks both boxes, being in care due to old age, yet at the same time, himself demonstrating care through the tasks he undertakes regularly to help others.” – Lauren Early, Head of Promises

When we discovered that Lennox is a huge Chelsea F.C. fan, we sent a personalised hamper filled with Chelsea goodies.

Lennox’s comment after he received the gifts was ‘would you look at that, that’s great’. In fact, he was so happy receiving the gifts, we’ve been told that he’s placed the contents of the hamper in his room, and won't let the staff make him a cup of tea in his new cup as he doesn’t want it damaged!

We are so glad that Lennox appreciates the small way we showed our appreciation for all his efforts.

If you know someone like Lennox who goes above or beyond, a carer who deserves a thank you or a recipient of care who needs a little pick me up, then let us know by completing a nomination form.

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Making dreams come true in the care sector

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