Emily Cartwright Receives a £50 Gift-Voucher to Mark #GladtoCare Awareness Week

In celebration of #GladtoCare awareness week, we encouraged care staff to nominate their colleagues to showcase and celebrate the many ways they have gone above and beyond in their job roles. 

Helen Robinson, a Night Carer from WCS Care has nominated Emily Cartwright, a young carer just starting her career to receive a £50 e-gift voucher of her choice from Pollard’s Promises. 

Helen Robinson said: “Emily has an excellent rapport with our dementia residents, and is dedicated to ensuring they feel safe, valued, and cared for at all times. She has worked tirelessly through the pandemic, making sure their home has been a safe haven from Covid.” 

The Pollard’s Promises team were incredibly impressed with Emily and her dedication to her role. We spoke with Helen and discovered that Emily has been covering night shifts on several occasions to provide a familiar face to her residents, rather than having to outsource the work to agency staff. 

Helen Robinson continues: “The combination of day and night shifts has taken its toll, but Emily continues to step up and put Drayton Court first.”

Emily is starting University in September to become a qualified nurse, so we feel this little extra treat will be nice for her to enjoy before she takes her next step in her career of caring for others. 

Congratulations Emily and thank you, Helen, for nominating an incredible young carer who portrays a brilliant work ethic and a caring nature. We wish you all the best! 


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Making dreams come true in the care sector

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Making dreams come true in the care sector

If one of your residents or service users deserves a treat, maybe has a special birthday approaching or simply has a wish they want to fulfil, then we want to hear from you.

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